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Growth Ministries was formed as a result from a God Given Vision to our Founded & Overseer Pastor Titus L. Cleveland while in Tyler,Texas. Later moved to Arlington,TX  in 2001. Only to be extended by God to Jackson, TN 2012. Later God moved on Paster Titus to Established The Praise & Worship Center in 2017. Growth Ministries now includes many other ministries and platforms designed to Help & Serve God's people to unite together and strive for prosperity & maturity in Christ. 


Here at Growth Ministries, we aim to serve one another with a kingdom mindset. We are a Kingdom People Serving Kingdom People. We striving to follow these 9 guiding principles towards all:

1. Love 

2. Joy

3. Peace 

4. Long Suffering 

5. Gentleness 

6. Goodness 

7. Faith

8. Meekness

9. Temperance:

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Our goal is to restore the hearts of man to a loving God. To dedicated our lives to striving for Maturity and Perfection in the Lord, Naturally & Spiritually. It is our desire to make our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the ultimate concern of life; to glorify Him by the building up of Christians through the faithful teaching of God’s Word; to evangelize lost people through the worldwide proclamation of the Gospel; and to encourage the unification of faith in the body of Christ while establishing Christian activities throughout our communities until Jesus returns

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