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Pastor Titus L. Cleveland is the Founder & Overseer of Growth Ministries Praise & Worship Center in Jackson, Tennessee. Pastor Titus has been anointed and appointed by God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bring understanding & revelation of the word of God through the gift of teaching that rests on him. Pastor Titus is a visionary leader who walks in the prophetic gifts and shepherds souls with the Love and concern that Jesus had. He is a man after God's heart. He has a deep love and passion for the things of God and the growth of God's people. Pastor Titus believes in prayer, faith, trust God at his word, and taking Jesus where ever you Go. He is dedicated to bring salvation to the lost which is where "Takin it to the streets ministry" began. He also has a heart for the poor and shut in and the less fortunate which is where "Mission Fill the Need" was developed". He has great concern for our youth and Christian education so here start the  "Growth Ministries Christian Academy" which allows any child in any state to take online course with biblical influence and still get there diploma. The academy also provides support for home schooling parents as a cover school so that they can train there children up in the way that they should go. Pastor Titus is also believes in the unity that the church as a whole should have. So, to help bring about the unity of faith in the church , he start what he calls the Unity Project.The unity project 's aim is to bring churches together to worship and praise one god and set all the issues aside that causes division amongst the saints. Pastor Titus believes that we as God people should find our lanes and have our own stuff as believers. So Pastor Titus started a radio station call" 1vision Radio, and an online TV station called Growth TV. His future plans is to have unity services and create and church league in sport to give our youth a wholesome place to enjoy life...


​​​Pastor Titus is happily married to Lady Aquilla Cleveland. They have 4 beautiful children: Alysia, Joela, Sariah, Makayla. Titus & Aquilla met in 2008 in Jackson, TN where they both sat up under Pastor Prophet Louis B. Jones. Pastor Titus said that God has given him the woman of his dreams " Literally". God had giving him a dream of his wife a couple of years before. Pastor Titus Later served along side of Pastor Louis B. Jones as his Assistant Pastor until Pastor Jones went to be with the Lord in 2018. Pastor Titus then left the church in the hands of his son Pastor Paul T. Jones. Pastor Titus then sought the lord and the lord told him to rise up and continue to work. God impress on him to start Growth Ministries Praise & Worship Center. Together Pastor Titus and Lady Aquilla Press forth to mark of the higher call, hoping to please God with their dedication & service while shepherding His flock to his promise land.

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